What content management system is best for you?

So you’ve decided to make your business a website, and with that comes making the choice of what CMS (Content Management System) you need to use. Which isn’t the easiest of tasks in the modern web, there is a CMS for everything now. So, let’s break this down and make it a bit easier.

Types of Content Management System

Content Management System’s can easily be broken into clear categories: Business, Blogging, and eCommerce. All of these have very different features and some can even be bolted onto each other. For example, WordPress is a blogging CMS that can be turned into an eCommerce website with a “bolt on” (commonly WooCommerce).

Blogging CMS platforms are best for just that, blogging. Their core functionality is a blog, with pages built around it. I use WordPress because I want the blog feature, for pieces like these. But you can also use things like Blogger, Ghost, Medium, or any other. The market is near-enough swamped!

Business CMS covers content on websites. Things like Umbraco, Joomla or Drupal. These tend to have better security in them, as they are used mainly by the business community. If you’re planning on focusing on your core business and not worry about blogging, just sharing news, then I would recommend one of the above CMS over WordPress or a blogging focused CMS.

eCommerce CMS focus purely on shopping. Magento is the most well known and is a great standalone eCommerce CMS. Shopify is another one that is coming up quite quickly. But you can also get bolt-on type eCommerce platforms, like WooCommerce which attaches to WordPress to give you shopping functionality.

Choosing the right CMS

In order to get the right CMS, you need to understand the core functionality you want from your website. Then you also need to figure out how you want to update your website, and how much space you have on your web hosting package.

You can get things that need online databases to run, with a heavy admin interface. Or you can get very lightweight things, with no database attachments and a very simple admin interface.

Security is also a key consideration for your website, what will you be hosting on your website? Do you need something that focuses heavily on security (such as Umbraco) or do you want something a little less secure, but with more adaptability (like WordPress).

This is something I can help with

There is a lot of choice, so it’s good to get someone who can guide you through the process with ease to find the right platform for you. With years of experience in this field, helping businesses large and small choice the right platform. I can certainly do the same for you.

Get in touch on the contact page, or tweet us on @skuamedia and lets have a chat!


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