Tradespeople without a website. You are missing a lot of customers.

Looking for someone to sort out your water pipes, or fix that tricky plug socket that’s been causing you problems, isn’t that easy especially when you don’t know who to look for.

It’s exactly the way tradespeople feel when they are looking for someone to make their digital presence better. What makes you trust someone to make your website, and how do you make sure your customers trust you?


You should be putting yourselves in your customer’s shoes, this doesn’t just go for the electrician or the plumber. Anyone who runs a business needs to be thinking like this.

When you want to find information on someone, say their services or location, you usually Google them. Then more often than not you go to a website, this is where trust usually cemented or lost. A bad website? You’ll lose that customer. A good website? You’ll gain the customer. Do a good job and you’ll gain their trust and hopefully a recommendation.


What content do you put on your website? You can start with an about page, some contact details, and some pictures of your work. Testimonials work the best as content when coupled with all the other things. One of the most important things though is reviews.

Reviews tell more of a story than anything else on your website. Yes, pictures are great, contact information is essential, but what people really want to see is what your previous customers think of you. Doing a good job? A testimonial and a review will do way more for business than a fancy picture will.


Although they do next to nothing for SEO nowadays, there is an importance in some of them. Picking the correct ones to submit to, such as Checkatrade and Rated People, can do you a massive favour.

When someone is searching for help with their house, they check every single avenue they can. Reviews on your website is a start, but reviews from another website that you have no control over are much better.

Finally, updating

A website is only as good as the content within it. People incorrectly assume that a website is only updated once and then left. But you need to keep the things on your website fresh.

I’ve occasionally come across websites where tradespeople have made their website roughly ten years ago and left it, thinking that will be enough. Maybe they are too busy to update it again, or have nothing to update it with?

This neglect will see a website rot, links and images will stop working and it’ll become irrelevant rapidly.


Updates to your content management system, security patches, and checking to make sure all your links are working. These are just a few things we do to keep your website up to scratch, because everyone deserves a website that is secure and working.

Your website is important. We make sure it stays up and take up any downtime with your hoster. We'll also implement analytics software to ensure that your website is at its peak performance and we'll tell you if it's not.

Nurture your audience with automated campaigns, keep in their minds with birthday wishes, and turn one time buyers into repeat customers. Our Marketing automation service sets up the goals so that you can make sure you are getting the most from your customers.

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