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The true power of video on your website

Video has always been very under-rated by businesses, mainly because they are hugely expensive and very time consuming to get done. You are looking at a huge price tag for a good video, somewhere in the region of £500 – £1000 or more depending on what you get done.

But video can be a huge asset to your business and can win over a lot of customers without you having to lift a finger. The investment could pay off quicker than you expect.

What are the best types of videos to use?

Although the best video for the occasion depends on what the occasion is, we think one of the best videos you can make is a customer testimonial. Somebody you have worked for, that you trust and is comfortable in front of a camera is perfect.  Your customers will be more likely to buy something from you if you have a customer saying nice things about you.

Another good video to make is a generic, hard-hitting (be it uplifting, or emotional) video about your product, brand, or service. Something that leaves people thinking, wanting, needing you to do whatever it is you do for them.

Here’s a good example of a customer testimonial video

Credit: Omada Health

But how do they help my website?

Videos are a great way to improve website engagement, people don’t like to read things for too long on the internet and prefer other stimulants like videos or pictures.

Google also favour a video, with ones hosted on your website or on your YouTube account (connected to your website) being ranked higher in search rankings. So it makes it a no-brainer to have one.

Both of the videos we mention above are also great to use at a conference or in a meeting to explain what you do. It saves your sales team a lot of hassle and gives some food for thought before your sales pitch. So good to keep on hand.

Videos are a fine art though.

Don’t expect to be able to make one on your own, you’ll always need the people in the know and the creative input to get a good video going. There is also the worry that whatever video you do will be too corny, or too staged. So you have to take time to figure out what you need to do, write a storyboard, understand who will be on camera and actually work out if they can do it – even if they say they can.

They also take a lot of time, roughly we would estimate to people we work with that making them can take anywhere from 1 month to 6. It really depends on what you want. You need to take into consideration, not just filming the video but also animation, editing, fine-tuning and that’s just for a customer testimonial video. There will also be the added extras of a company overview video of storyboards, scripts and anything else you need – this can be where most of the cost adds up.

Even though they take this long and it’s a lot of work. They are worth it.

For the ease they create, the messages they can take across to your audience and what you can get from them. We think videos are a great investment, maybe not immediately but as your company grows a good video can be something to show off everywhere. An inspiring, thought-provoking mass of visual and audio stimulants to make everyone go crazy.