How review websites can help your business.

Reviews are becoming crucial to how your business is seen and much how custom comes through your doors. We think reviews of your company are crucial to how your business runs, especially if you sell a service or product.

We also think bad reviews are good. Sounds crazy right? Read on and we’ll explain.

Reviews help convert customers

If you sell a thing, then have people who already have the thing say good things about the thing they have – you are more likely to get customers who want the thing. It’s simple. Websites like TripAdvisor for hotels or Etsy for products are brilliant to help change the minds of people.

Bad reviews can be good for business

Just because someone hasn’t had a good experience, it’s always worthwhile to find out where the problem is and work out how to fix it. You’ll likely win more customers over by being upfront and honest and answering a review than you will by ignoring the bad review. 

Use it as gloating material on your website

It’s always good for a business to show how good it is, and your website is the perfect place to do it. A lot of review websites have free widgets for you to use where you want to.  Your website is a window into your business, the first thing that your customers will see, they’ll want to know how reputable you are and these widgets are perfect.

And finally, it helps get your name out there

These review websites work to make sure your business appears for the right search results in your area, a lot of the times when we’re searching for places to eat or hotels to stay in the first results are Google Local results, Yelp or TripAdvisor. 

Your competitors will be out there, so you should be out there too! 


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