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A walk through guide of the new Google Search Console.

Google has recently given its Search Console a much-needed lick of paint, after many years of neglect. Features are slowly trickling through from the old version into the new version and some pretty awesome new features have been added too!

But what have they added, changed or removed? We wanted to give you a walk through of the new version. 

Brand new coverage report

One of the new things in Search Console that I really love is “Coverage”, in the old version this was very confusing and came under “Google Index” but didn’t really give you any information.

Coverage in the new Search Console dashboard however, gives you a lot more information. Not only do you get “Valid” or “Error” with pages on your website, you get a list of statuses and reasons (i.e “Crawled but not indexed”, “Duplicate”, and “404”).

This is excellent because it enables you to understand why your website isn’t ranking, rather than hoping and guessing! What pages are important to ranking? Are they indexed? If not, why not? It also works well with the new “URL Inspector” which we’ll go into later.

Improved Performance Report

The performance section has been refined from a mishmash of different reports into one singular report, that is colourful and helpful for any user to understand. It works well to understand growing search terms that you appear for, what location you are ranking in, and what pages are ranking.

This improved report in Search Console brings together a lot of different things into a brand new handy reporting method.

The URL Inspector

I thought this would be the best thing to end on. The URL inspector is a great new tool that makes it so much easier to find out stats about each URL you’ve got. 

I’ve used it several times to see if my URLs are indexed, if not, you can find out why and submit them for indexing. If they are indexed you can see all other sorts of information on them.

But there’s more to come 

The current version is a massive improvement from the old one and immediately became my favourite. I moved immediately. Not all features have migrated across, but they will. I can also imagine that Google will migrate many more features across too. So keep your eyes open and keep checking back because we’ll be doing more feature highlights as they come through.