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Making sure your digital marketing is in check for autumn and winter.

Brrr! Do you feel that chill in the air? The seasons are changing, the nights are closing in and, far in the distance, you can hear the jingle of the bells of St. Nick.  But why are we talking all about Christmas now? 

As Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the New Year roll in you need to be ready with some super seasonal offers and some top-notch marketing for your customers to enjoy. Planning for these offers and seasonal goodies start now!

Keeping on top of these seasons is important for small business. 

A small business needs to think about these seasons more than others because now is the time in the calendar year where people will be thinking about buying things. Major holidays coming up mean that gift buying will be at its highest, and you want to be in the middle of that.

So what do you need to do to make sure your digital marketing performs?

Make sure you have your social media plan for the rest of the year. 

Everyone knows the holidays that come up in this time of year, from Thanksgiving and Christmas to Black Friday and Boxing Day – they happen every single year! As a business that is consumer-facing, you shouldn’t let them take you by surprise. So already having these in your social media plan is a must.

Understanding the key things that people want to buy from you, or things you want to push are important and having a day-by-day play of potential product pushes, digital community chats to join, and potential promotions you can run is one of your top priorities.

Planning is a key part of digital marketing.

Double check your user journeys from entry to checkout (or goal).

Do you regularly make sure that your users can go from A to B to C without any issues? This time of year you should check to make sure everything on your website works, especially where your users are likely to make a purchase, download something, or another call to action.

The best way to do this is getting a group of potential customers together and ask them to go through the process of purchasing one of your products, and seeing if it works how you expect it to. If not – fix it!

Get your promo images in order and polished. 

Making sure you’ve got good, attractive images for social media platforms and your website homepage is a must at this time of year. From Ghostly Ghouls, Autumn leaves falling, snow & winter hats, or Santa in his sleigh. Don’t settle for the first image you find or a basic stock image. Digital Marketing is all about perfection and making sure you stand out from the crowd, we recommend using (as we do) Pexels for most of your image needs. A sample of good photos from them include:

And finally, check your SEO, product pictures and descriptions

It’s not all about social media, making sure the rest of your content works as well as it could is important too. When it comes to this season making sure your content is relevant to your audiences and product, everything ties into any promotion, and you don’t miss any chance at potentially increases the click-through rate are your priorities.

Although you shouldn’t be too scared of changing your mind halfway through and updating your website again mid-season. Nothing is permanent on the internet and everything can be edited if you’re not 100% happy with it!

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