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You’re not too late to plan your Christmas digital marketing.

It’s November, this morning we watched the Christmas adverts from Asda, Aldi and Argos. Watching these always make you think about the effort and thought that goes into these campaigns. The money spent, the timing, the content. Likely its taken them months and months.

Luckily, you don’t need a big budget, or that much time to create your Christmas digital marketing.

A month and a spreadsheet is all you need

With all these big budgets going at each other, it seems pointless for small businesses or charities to try and compete and you’d be right. It is pointless for you to compete with big businesses, but your competitors are not big businesses.

As an SME you’re never going to take customers away from the big spenders over the festive period. So instead of trying to focus on that, you should focus on your strengths and what you do best. 

You can spend 2 weeks of your November sitting in the evening, planning out what you can say every day from 25th November to 25th December.  That’s where the spreadsheet comes into play.

But what do you put in your spreadsheet?

All you need for a killer social media plan for one month is a simple spreadsheet that covers four weeks; each day of the week and what you plan to put out on each network over each day of the week. 

This will also help you get in your head what pictures or graphics you will need as well. 

Use your strengths, the tight knit community, and the social in social media to make you stand out.

The Goliath’s of the season will use their monetary might to improve their brand awareness throughout the season. The campaigns they run aren’t about selling products, it’s about telling a story and getting people to talk about it. 

As a small business, you have what the big businesses don’t have: the community that drives social media and you can use that to your advantage when it comes to pushing people to convert to a sale on your website. 

Over this time of year everyone is going to be looking for gifts, even other businesses you worked with through the year. Using your social media accounts to promote any special deals that they can get or they could share with their customers. 

Joining in with all the major gifting chats is also worthwhile, #handmadehour is one that sticks out in ours heads! We’re sure there are many more that you can think of too!

Now you’re ready to get your social media up to scratch for Christmas digital marketing, without the need for a budget.