Your guide to social media branding.

What makes your brand stand out in the modern era is your ability to use social media and a major part of social media is being able to use their branding correctly.  We’ve made an, always updated, handy guide to each popular brand and pulled out their branding guidelines to make your life easier.


Twitter is a simple brand which is a lovely light blue and their trademark bird. They used to use “bubble writing” but have since moved on, so you should too.

The key to the Twitter logo is to make sure you use their blue, which if you’re looking for is #1DA1F2 if you’re on the internet or RGB 29 161 242 if you are using products like Microsoft Word. 

Their trademark bird, Larry the Phoenix, or his most recent variation always faces up (like the image above) and you shouldn’t use any of their old versions. Which you can find in their branding guidelines. 

Handily if you visit the below link, you can grab everything you need to use the right logo or give them to your designers to make sure they use the right logo. 

You can visit their brand resources here.


Probably the most recognisable brand out there, with over 1/3 of the world using Facebook at the moment and it is the biggest social network out there. This makes it even more important to make sure you are using the branding power correctly. 

The key to making sure you are using this brand correctly is the f. The signature f for Facebook has been around since its inception. This logo hasn’t changed much since the start of the social network though so it’s hard to make sure you have the right one.

The most recent logo is the simplest they’ve used (above), the older versions have a line through the bottom of it and the f doesn’t quite touch the bottom of the box. 

You can read the branding guidelines for Facebook here.


The newest logo to the block and likely the least well known. Instagram changed their logo recently and it didn’t go down too well, they removed a well known design and replaced with the above. 

But this does stand out on your page and people and now getting used to the brand new version. The key to this one is the gradient, it’s very unique and a lot of the other big social networks still use single, flat, colours as their logos. We recommend using this one as it is and try not to edit it.

View the Instagram branding guidelines here 


This is one of our favourite logos and mixes a wonderfully simple icon with the first letter of the social media site, it’s also one of the newest social media sites out there and the logo isn’t quite as recognised as the other ones.

It’s pretty simple to use. Red circle + white P and you’re done. If you’re using it on a dark background; then it’s white circle + red P. Never use the word Pinterest, and always give it a bit of breathing space.

Full branding guidelines for this one is here


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