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What to do on social media when **it hits the fan.

With all the talk in social media about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, we thought it would be great to go into exactly what you should do, as a small business, when it hits the fan. Damage control, reputation management, and how social media can be your greatest asset.

Every company should have a disaster recovery plan, but things can go wrong pretty rapidly and you can never plan for things like this! 

When things go wrong, damage control is the first thing you need to think about.

Instead of going completely mad, find out where the issue has risen. Is it someone posting something bad about you? Did someone have a bad experience with your brand? Where is the fire and what needs to be put out? The first thing you need to do once you find the person, or issue, apologise and try to rectify the problem.

If you cannot rectify the problem, then you will need to go down a different route. Usually, the only way to go about this is by apologising and saying that you’ll work on it, or improve on it.  Sometimes the loss of a customer is inevitable but if people see that you are talking to the customer about it and trying to fix the problem then they will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Once you’ve done that, you need to manage your reputation

A lot of people fall over at this point, starting arguments and defending your position to the point of alienating yourself. It can and does ruin your business.  The key here is to keep your cool, even if there are insults flying your way. The worst thing you can do is start shouting back, the best thing you can do is talk through the problems that people are finding and try and stop another incident happening.

There are so many examples of brands losing control and just going crazy at customers that are giving bad reviews and this isn’t a good step, you need to keep your composure or you’ll risk damaging your image irreversibly. 

But in times of brand disaster, social media is your greatest asset.

The way social media is set up is perfect in times where you need to quickly talk directly to the customers, cutting through the rumours that might be circulating about your brand or you. It’s a direct link between you and the end user, even when there isn’t a disaster it inspires people to use your brand and enjoy your brand and works wonders.

It’s definitely not something you should be forgetting about quickly.