We are a new type of digital marketing management agency for small businesses across Glasgow, the Highlands and the Islands to manage their digital marketing. Our major focus is the general management of websites, working with the business owner to take the strain off their digital presence.

Partnerships with S K U A

We are looking for agencies in local areas that we can work with to help us offer the further services in our areas. These included, but are not limited to, Social Media Management, eCommerce & Payment and Website design and development.

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Updates to your content management system, security patches, and checking to make sure all your links are working. These are just a few things we do to keep your website up to scratch, because everyone deserves a website that is secure and working.

Your website is important. We make sure it stays up and take up any downtime with your hoster. We'll also implement analytics software to ensure that your website is at its peak performance and we'll tell you if it's not.

Nurture your audience with automated campaigns, keep in their minds with birthday wishes, and turn one time buyers into repeat customers. Our Marketing automation service sets up the goals so that you can make sure you are getting the most from your customers.

From The Blog

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Nurture your audience, raise brand awareness and aid conversions. Automation is the tool you need to be using.

The dark art of online shops, everyone has seen them and some people have even used them. But what about running one? As we move from physical stores, and small businesses find it easier to sell online. But, there isn’t a dark art to an online shop, they’re pretty easy to set up and run. […]

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