Where we’ve been eating in Glasgow recently

We thought we’d go down a different path for our newest blog post, scratching the educational blog posts about Analytics or Instagram, looking away from our digital roots, and head into another one of our favourite things: Food.

Food makes the world go round, so we thought, why not? Figuring out where best to start wasn’t that hard either, as we live and work mostly in Glasgow.


What can we say about Cranberry’s? It’s a cute little cafe based in Merchant City, near enough in the heart of Glasgow. Based on the little streets, it feels like you’ve been whisked away to a European capital. 

The food is delicious as well, the smoked mackerel is creamy and amazing for a lunchtime snack, the cook serves delicious poached eggs, and the regularly changing cakes are always a worthwhile guilty treat to round off your meal. 

Cafe Wander

Hidden under an office block on West George Street on the bustling streets of Glasgow’s city centre. Cafe Wander is a small cafe, with a variety of window seats, rounded tables for two people, and larger tables in the middle of the cafe for larger groups.

They just recently changed their menu, but still have most of our old favourites on there. Including an amazing tasting Scottish Breakfast, which we fully recommend you try. 


We tried this one when it first opened in Glasgow’s Garnethill region, we always enjoyed heading up to eat there because you felt a sense of accomplishment for making it. After clambering up the steep hill, past Glasgow’s School of Art it felt deserved and correct that you had a decent cafe lunch. 

A variety of sandwiches and Croque Monsieur (which is our favourite) are a welcome treat, whether you’re walking to Garnethill or trying their new relaxed cafe next to Merchant City. 

Brooklyn Cafe

Heading out to the Southside of Glasgow for our final recommendation. Brooklyn Cafe is just off the main street, where you find all the other major Southside eateries but is worth a few minutes extra of a walk. Great staff, amazing desserts, and ice cream worth shouting about are the reasons we’ve picked to have this one on our list.

Whether you want to sit down with family, or meet up with friends for a coffee. Try their breakfast, or a filled roll, maybe some pancakes. We’ve not had a bad meal there yet!

We are always looking for recommendations for new places to eat though.

Want to share somewhere great that you know? We’re massive foodies at S K U A and we love to hear more about the places our friends, customers, and colleagues are eating and drinking. Tweet us or email us with your suggestions.


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