Email Marketing: Using automation to your advantage

Keeping up with your customers is hard. Writing and proofing is incredibly time-consuming. Scheduling them to hit your audience at the right time is also a pain in the butt!

Email Marketing is incredibly important though.

Automation can be your time-saver.

I won’t lie, setting up all this stuff can be initially time-consuming, but once you get the bare bones done then adding or altering things is a breeze. Initially you might need to set aside a couple of hours and that’s to get the first few steps of your campaign together, after that you can let the nurturing start.

Bringing in other steps after that is easier, as you’ve got the basic layouts set up, duplicating and adding different things to nudge in certain directions is all you need to do after that.

Using automation to push products

There’s a very famous use of automation and it’s from an e-commerce giant, the owner of which just became the richest man in the world. Amazon.

Ever visited Amazon’s website, logged in, looked at a product, and just left? The chances are you’ll get an email in a few days asking if you’re still interested in exactly what you looked at.

It’s worth it too, everyone is now using automation in the emails in some form. One of the major leaders in the market, Campaign Monitor, and have gone through 70 that are very interesting to read.

Keep your brand in the mind of your customers

Using automation to push your products isn’t the only thing you can do. It’s also a great way to get your brand name into peoples inbox on a regular basis, without you needing to think about it too much.

Continued brand recognition is one of the main goals of Marketing and automation is one of the key ways to achieve that. Whether you’re sending product reminders, latest news, or just a happy birthday message to some of your valued customers.

Make email marketing personal

Another trick to automation is making it suit your audience members individually (or make it look like that anyway). Something better than just a birthday wish.

Many of the mainstream email automation applications now let you change the tracks of people. So whatever they do in your email you can get your email application to put them into a different queue, reacting to exactly the email they just saw. This includes clicking on certain links, or buying certain products, or even not looking at the email at all.

This is just the beginning of automation

Using automation to recharge your marketing is a great move with tools available for free, and paid, any business can and should use what is there. It will increase your brand awareness, keep your customers coming back, and create loyalty to you – eventually turning them into customers.


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