Your analytics hit list for 2019.

We’re now into the new year and its a time to reflect and grow on your previous year. So I wanted to share with you a hit list of the things you should be looking at in your analytics in 2019 to help your business grow online.

Bounce rate

I can’t blanket advise against this one but lowering your bounce rate is always a good target – whatever the year! Some rough figures for industries that I usually aim for would be 40% – 50% for bloggers (even a touch higher is healthy), 30% – 40% for eCommerece websites, and 40% (or there about) for general websites, you should ideally be coupling these with goals or events to make sure your pages are doing what they should be.

If you are already on these figures, then working out how you keep it there or better it is worthwhile.

Unique and new users

This is a great target for the new year and something we aim on doing every month. Unique users let you know that you are reaching individual people, while new users let you know you are bringing in new (at least to your analytics) people.

Increasing this by a percentage each month is important and shows that your website is growing in popularity. Social media is a great way to reach new people – if you’re not growing in website users then you should be looking at something else.


If you haven’t set up goals in your analytics yet then you’re missing a trick. Not only does it help you measure the success of pages (and if you want to, it adds a monetary value to the page), it also enables you to target PPC advertising to get those who were close to converting to come back and convert.

2019 is the perfect time to get goals set, if you haven’t yet done so, and start measuring this extra layer of success on your website. On a side note, if you are unsure about what goals to set, request a call back to chat to one of our team.


Growing your views from places that aren’t your usual channels is great. A good challenge to set yourself over the next year would be to increase social media traffic and other referral traffic.

Both of these not only get you out to new audiences but also help your search engine optimisation. A good aim is to get 5% above what you currently have over the next 6 months, if you can do that then aim for another 5% or higher by the end of the year.

Campaign URLs

Understanding how your marketing is working and if you haven’t tried campaign URLs in 2018 I fully recommend giving it a go in 2019. You can tailor campaign URLs to suit each campaign and have multiple measurements to give you a deeper, and better, understanding of your audience gaining.

I am working on a bunch of resources to help you understand campaign URLs and something to make it easier for you to manage them. It’ll be released sometime this year.

My brief 2019 hit list.. complete!

All I need to say now is good luck in 2019 and if you need any help, or would like to outsource your marketing to someone who can really help manage and measure it then reach out to me below.


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