About Us – A track record of digital marketing experience and love for small businesses

A new breed of digital marketing agency. SKUA works with small businesses in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands to create a unified digital marketing presence. 

Our aim is to give everyone a digital marketing department.

It’s not just big businesses that need digital marketing departments. We can be yours. Working with agencies across the UK to make your digital presence the best it can be, from website designers, developers, illustrators, and content copywriters, we can make sure your digital marketing is constantly on-point.

A full suite of services, mix-and-match to suit you. 

Because we work with multiple agencies, we can mix-and-match your services to suit what you need month-on-month. Whether you are looking at refreshing your website, making your content greater or kick-starting your social media. Working with us takes the stress away from you.

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Updates to your content management system, security patches, and checking to make sure all your links are working. These are just a few things we do to keep your website up to scratch, because everyone deserves a website that is secure and working.

Your website is important. We make sure it stays up and take up any downtime with your hoster. We'll also implement analytics software to ensure that your website is at its peak performance and we'll tell you if it's not.

Nurture your audience with automated campaigns, keep in their minds with birthday wishes, and turn one time buyers into repeat customers. Our Marketing automation service sets up the goals so that you can make sure you are getting the most from your customers.

From The Blog

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