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Digital Marketing Services for Local Businesses That Get Results.

S K U A is a small team of focused marketers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in helping local businesses, freelancers, and charities reach the right audiences through digital marketing. Whether your chosen challenge for us be sorting out your shopping cart user flow, helping you understand your audience, or auditing your social media. We can help you do the lot. See our services, or get in touch to find out more.


Monitoring & Analytics

Analytics can tell you a lot about your business, so if they just seem like a lot of numbers, we can help those statistics make sense. We'll set you up with goals, let you know where improvements could be made and show you potential new client/partner opportunities, all using analytics.

Content Creation

Good content has to make sense to your customers but it also has to help you rank on search engines. We'll provide the words, help you reach the right target market and boost your SEO - a must for any digital marketing strategy.

Website Management

Not sure if your website is the best it could be? We're happy to chat through any problems, provide creative ideas or give advice on best website practice to ensure you make the most of your digital presence.

Marketing Automation

Communication with customers is key. We can set up a tool that lets you keep in touch with customers after they have bought a product or service or even when they've left an item in their online basket. Marketing automation will keep your business in the minds of customers, and helps you stay ahead of competitors.

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Make your website more relevant to increase donations, help understand the impact of your digital campaigns or increase awareness through the use of social media.


Grow your audience on social media, help you understand shopping cart drops or increase your understanding of your audience.

Small Businesses

Automate your marketing to your customers, improve your search engine optimisation or create some killer content for your website.