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Get Creative With Your Content Strategy

Creating a blog that can be truly successful online relies on how much amazing content you can put together, and by structuring your blog, you can ensure that your creativity isn’t wasted with weak content ideas.

I know when I began writing my own blog, that the temptation is there to just get started but you cannot simply begin writing and hope that thousands of groupies huddle you like a 90’s glam rock star. You’re going to need to create a content strategy.

The idea of a content strategy is to structure your writing partly to ensure there aren’t huge month long gaps during those pesky periods where inspiration seems to disappear, and partly as a way of merging in new content mediums.

When blogs became popular, the web was a simpler place. Blog owners wrote about stuff that interested them and people read it. Nowadays, the average Joe has grown tired of simply reading. They want to be entertained. And with 27 million pieces of online content being shared daily, you are going to have to grab them like never before and shout “Hey, I’m awesome…Tell your friends!”

Now you may be one hell of a creative writer, but why limit yourself? The web is a weird and wonderful world that can be utilised with a host of content ideas that can be used in almost any creative industry. Below are a set of great content ideas that can be used to generate quality content.


Video content is something which is getting bigger and bigger on the web at the moment and is a great way to show off your creativity and offer your readers something new that is instantly shareable and memorable (if done well). Anyone who has seen the “Old Spice” guy will understand just how powerful a good video can be as part of a content strategy.

An added benefit of using video on your blog is that Google loves it.

A simple web search for Nike Trainers shows how Google shows snippets of videos in their search results. I don’t know about you, but I know which one I’d click.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is lazy and I love it. By offering big names in your industry the opportunity to post on your blog, you can get highly relevant content from a respectable author for free and, (here’s the lazy bit), most of the time they will link and promote their post and your blog for you.

But that’s not all. By offering to write for other blogs, you too can become an authority within your niche and in return create new links and traffic sources from other related websites.


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