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Talent Showcase #2


Well, it’s been a long time since I did the first Talent Showcase on Rachel Gallagher and now it’s time to do a second one and this one is a huge amazing talent, I’ve looked through her work and asked for her permission and I can now reveal, this time the talent showcase focuses on Princess Lasertron an amazing bridal designer with new and innovative styles that will blow your mind.

at Daily Grub

Her styles are great, and I’ve always loved handmade goods, but with her works there is a simple perfection about what she’s done, how she’s done it and the finished piece, it’s something you’ll remember which is exactly what you want from your special day.

I feel, looking through her work that it’s going to be something that’s always hard to get rid of, I’m fully swayed, if I ever get married, I’ll be straight on the phone to her.  For example, take a look at this piece. It’s original hand crafted look gives it the air of originality, it’s colours and fabrics are mixing well and the original flowers are pieced off with single buttons to almost tie the whole thing together.

sean's bridal bouquet

You look for your wedding to be your own day, and by all rights you want someone who can deliver an individual romantic day to you. Certainly this designer does, no piece of her work is ever the same, in the one hand you have some pieces like the above where they are deep relaxing colours. Or like the following.

bridesmaids' bouquets for sarah's weddingA bright and colourful piece to mark the beginning of a fun and colourful life together, she does it all. A special day has to be catered for in individual ways.

I find that a wedding designer needs to be the one of the most calm, creative and patient, because it’s one of those days where everything needs to go to plan, everything needs to be to the pinnacle of perfection and nothing can look out of place and wrong, the designer needs to understand this and make it their day – with all the pointers hints and tips they can muster to bring the day to perfection.

Breaking tradition is certainly something that not every designer can do successfully and I think we can safely say that Megan really does this.

claire's bridal bouquetLooking at her pieces, it’s apparent she’s found her true calling. She’s found an original way to bring over the age old tradition of two people coming together as one and it’s about time too, too long have weddings been a traditional based item and too long have weddings been the old style, it’s time to bring original flair and creativity to your weddings.  After all, as I’ve mentioned many times in this post, it’s your day. Make it something special.

these are my favoritesAll images Copyright 2011 © Princess Lasertron/Megan Hunt used with permission. 

 Visit her website / Follow her on Twitter / Like her on Facebook / View her Flickr Feed 

Thanks for reading, I do hope you check out her collection, a true talent.

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