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Ingri:Dahl – The Review

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to Ingri:Dahl for letting me review their product. I am going to be honest and as detailed as possible. Now before you all think I’ve gone mad, let me explain what I am going on about.

I have in my hand a pair of the new “Ingri:Dahl” 3D Glasses and this is the review of them. I’ve not actually seen a review of them on the web before, so I’m going to assume this is the first. So, here it is. Ingri:Dahl, the review.

So, where do I start? A picture? a video? some funny quotes about a monkey? It’s all so hard to pick out the pros and cons of these

Ingri:Dahl 3D Glasses

The aim of Ingri:Dahl is to make stylish 3D Glasses for the cinema, and why not? If you’re going to watch a hollywood epic, then why not watch it in style.

Looking at the outside of the case from the back, its black, soft; made from cotton and elastine. It looks like any other designer glasses case; stylish, on first impressions, just from the case I must say I was definitely impressed by the Ingri:Dahl appearance, there was no stepping back for them, everything was unified and stylish.

So, I opened the case for the glasses to drop out. Can I just take this time to say, I didn’t let them drop out, I took them out nicely so I could look at them. My first port of call was how they looked the pair I looked at had no faults that I could see, it was all made well, I have a feeling they may survive a few beatings from a careless owner!

All good on that front. My next port of call was to look at how well they opened and closed, could they open easily and did they close properly. I am going to have to admit, I did find one problem here, when you close the glasses arms onto each other, they don’t fit well or close tightly and tidily, or atleast I can’t get them too. Other than that, upon inspection they looked okay.

Ingri:Dahl - First Picture
At this point I decided to see how the lenses looked and felt, now I held them up to the light, looked through both sides, the glasses came clean, with no scratches, the downside is, mine didn’t stay that way for long,

I could see particles of dust landing on them constantly, even outside! I pressed the lenses to see how well they faired against some punishing, and I can admit, the glasses are still intact! As you can properly tell I did test them quite hard to make sure they worked like they should.

Overall, I can say that Ingri:Dahl have succeeded in what they set out too do. They are vintage hollywood glasses. I’ve not had time to test the 3d abilities because I’ve not had time to go to the movies, but I will update
you on this if I do manage to get there. One issue with this style is they don’t entirely suit me well, I would say that these are easily girls glasses and would look much better on your other half or a female friend.

My advice to Ingri:Dahl? – Let us see some more styles, have a look through what male celebrities have been wearing through the years, or have a survey to see what year of “vintage” people want, after all, vintage is differentfor all of us.

My  rating: 9/10

My reasoning: They are very nice 3d glasses and it’s better to have these and they are well worth the money. The only downside is they don’t really suit me.

Thanks for your time,

Matt.  Tweet me: @mattdsgns