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How many social networks are too many?

There are loads of social networks now, everything from getting music heard to just quickly chatting to friends and customers in 140 characters.

But how do you know when you have too many social networks?

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  September 10, 2014

Websites are living, breathing things, well sort of.

A website is used by everyone, everywhere. It has become a main artery in the world of connection and marketing messages. A website now features on everything, from business cards to billboards and buses.

But some people still don’t realise that a website is a living thing, like a tree it is constantly growing. However it is reliant on a life support system of developers, designers and copywriters.
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  August 24, 2014

eCommerce for Small Businesses

Running an online shop or “eCommerce” is hard work, many people think it’s just a case of setting up a store and letting the products sit there – but it means a lot more than that.

I wanted to take a moment to start looking at eCommerce and the solutions small businesses and freelancers can use to help boost their online sales, from CMS platforms to checkout systems!

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  August 12, 2014

Using video as a new dimension

This is a social network that hasn’t been spoken about much which is a shame because there is so much that can be done with it, it’s already made celebrities from people and even those that don’t reach the overall lime-light still make enough money to live just from it.

I am of course talking about the original video website, YouTube.

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  August 1, 2014

Bootstrap: Looking at Frameworks for Small Businesses

Over the past week or so if you’re a returning visitor to Skua Media you’ll have notice some very strange things happening. That’s because we’ve been implementing a new way of building our websites.

For the past year we’ve been experimenting with the use of a Framework
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  July 16, 2014

Do’s and Don’ts of a Twitter Q&A

The Twitter Q&A astonishingly still a stumbling block for people, you’d think that small businesses would be the ones struggling but no – big businesses are finding it harder to create a Q&A.

So how do you pull off a good Twitter Q&A and what makes one go wrong? Let’s have a quick look at the Do’s and Don’ts.

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  July 3, 2014

Timing your blog posts perfectly

Your missions if you choose to accept it is to attract as many people as you can to your blog post, which is harder than you think and sometimes it feels like you might as well be dangling from a roof of a laser filled building.

So how do you do it?

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  June 22, 2014

Twitter is a tool best used by CEOs

The big question on many peoples agenda these days are “should our CEO tweet?” and it’s a question I’ve come across a lot with more and more people asking – is it better for a business or an owner to tweet?

Well, the answer isn’t as easy as it sounds but, both are a good idea – maybe.

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  June 2, 2014

Open Source is great, sort of

Jargon, it’s everywhere. Estate agents, car manufacturers, plumbers, electricians – everyone uses some form of Jargon. So does the internet world which is all well and good if you work in the internet world but not so good if you don’t.

In a mini-series of blogs I want to look at the “jargon” that is used and clarify what some of it means – so you can understand more about it and know what people are going on about when they give you quotes.

Today I thought to start off with I would go into Open Source.

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  May 24, 2014

How do I know what my website looks like in Google?

Something that small businesses are asking is “How do I know what I look like in Google?” and people might worry that it might be a hard question but it isn’t. Google use something called Webmaster Tools to help with that.

Today I’m going to talk to you about just going through setting up Webmaster tools and things you need to know about it
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  May 13, 2014

Indepth Look: IFTTT

I went into automation in a blog post a few weeks back and gave my recommendations for tools you can use to help you and your business thrive and I wanted to quickly take a look at IFTTT.

This is a tool that you can really use and it’s something I’ve used in the past to automate things like Flickr feeds.

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  May 1, 2014