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Aiming high for 2016: What should your website do?

2016 is a time for you to figure out how you’re going to improve your website, even though I’m writing this in January there will still be time for you to figure out what you want to do.

With the trends we saw in 2015, what should we expect from the web in 2016?
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Still using Adobe Flash? You’re in danger of losing visitors

Adobe Flash is now being blocked by default, by all major browsers. This is a huge issue for those people who have a lot of videos on their website.

So why have Google, Mozilla and major browser creators blocked something that fuels almost every website?

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How a charity can make the most of digital marketing

As a charity, digital marketing can be one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. Its free, easy to do and a good tweet can reach thousands of people.

But how do you maximise the use?

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Creating the best social media content

We’ve got social media content coming out of our ears in the 21st century, from funny to serious and sometimes completely random or completely and utterly incorrect

So how do you create social media content that can stand out from the crowd?

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Your homepage content needs to sing, here is how.

Every single website you visit has a homepage, which ultimately means that you have to have one that works without any shadow of a doubt and pulls in the competitions customers.

So what do you need to do to make your homepage content shine?

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Our favourite apps to keep you on top of your Digital Marketing

We are more connected now than we have ever been and pockets everywhere are always buzzing with breaking news, funny articles and the latest friend request.

Managing all of this isn’t an easy task though, so how as a small business do you keep up with your digital marketing?
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The Google Algorithm update isn’t anything to worry about

On the 21st of April the Google Algorithm will update to include some important features, mainly it will focus on mobile friendly websites. But this isn’t something you should be worrying about and here is why.

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Google+ is being broken up and it’s not all that surprising

A lot of people have expressed their worries that Google+, the social media website from Google is now being broken into two ¬†with Photos taking up one role and then the rest of the G+ world being split into Streams. But I’ll be deadly honest here and say: It has been expected for a long time.

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You’ll never guess what these big websites are doing

Did the headline just make you want to click on the article to find out what was going on? In some part of your mind I can almost bet that you thought you’d miss something if you hadn’t clicked on the title.

This is a common trick known as click-bait and I wanted to delve into the interesting world of this phenomenon that is now used by BuzzFeed, Metro, i100 and more!

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What we learnt from F8

F8 is the annual conference, from Facebook, that introduces a bunch of new features to the website. It’s where they announced the timeline redesign, new graph search and a bunch of other awesome new features. The talk of the town this time though was messenger, which was rumoured to become a “hub”.

So what did happen at F8 and should we care?

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It’s all about being local.

Local is now a huge part of the search attack plan, with Yelp, Google and Facebook all now focusing on local people giving real reviews – testimonials on your website will no longer cut it!

In Glasgow, we know first hand how hard it is for a business to get noticed so we wanted to give everyone a few tips to make sure that they were able to get the customers they deserve.

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