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Facebook’s Organic Reach is Falling

Organic reach on Facebook is going down and will be for the foreseeable future, it’s a trend that I have noticed as have many of the other page admins across the internet. It’s something that Facebook have been knowingly doing for a while to hopefully push people towards boosting posts, so they can get some more money.

So, you’re a small business and you can’t afford to boost every post you make – what do you do?

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Easy ways to make a brilliant blog

Designing is one of the hardest parts of bringing your new website to life and I’ve always struggled to make a good looking website. This one took it’s time coming about because it’s even harder designing for yourself but one of the hardest parts of making a website is adding the blog into it so to shed a few worries for readers I thought it would be great delve into the world of blogging

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I posted a photo to Facebook

Oh dear, oh very dear. I wanted to quickly delve into this topic because it disappeared for a bit but seems to have cropped back up again. I’m not on about posting things to Facebook, that’s all well and good. I am on about the automatic tweeting that it does sometimes.

If you are reading this and you have connected your Twitter and Facebook accounts – disconnect them before reading the rest of this.

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Campaigns for Analytics

I’m trying to work my way through how Analytics can help people and this is a focus for businesses more than anyone else because of the advertising you are likely to do, it’s always hard to understand how different mediums work.

So I want to introduce you to the “Campaigns” feature, it’s great and here’s why.

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Small Businesses Biggest Web Mistakes

Something that I wanted to look at in this blog post is the biggest mistakes on websites that small businesses are making, from social media accounts to content on websites. I’m finding that as more businesses are getting into using the web (which is great), there are more mistakes turning up.

1. Txt spk in tweets
It always makes me cringe when I see this happening, because there are 140 characters it doesn’t mean you can’t talk normally in them, sometimes you might have to break a few grammar rules, but as a business it’s something you should be avoiding.

2. Inactive accounts
Something that is good to remember as an organisation looking at social media as a way to promote online, is “no account is better than an inactive account”. It’s never good for someone to make an account and then just leave it gathering dust. So if you’ve started or are looking at starting one, make sure you’re ready to use it.

3. Automated tweets from Facebook and vice versa.
Running a business and managing how you are marketed, especially with social media being so hands on it’s hard to come up with unique content across platforms. But it’s a completely different audience for you to target and the content has to show this, pushing links through will just lose the audience – not gain them.

4. Chat now? Leave a message!
Hang on, you have a live chat and yet no one seems to be on it? If you’ve committed to having a live chat feature on your website then you need to have it manned by someone at least half the day. There is nothing wrong or non-personal about having an email address.

5. Flash websites, it’s time to move forward
It’s surprising how many of these things I see around, even though Flash websites stopped major use around 2008 people are still adamant that they work. It’s a huge mistake for a small business because Google no longer index flash and you can’t really do any search engine optimisation.

There is a very fine balance for a small business on the web and it can sometimes be thrown off by a simple mistake.

Of course these are just my opinions but I’ve worked on websites where the smallest of mistakes have made a huge difference, make sure you’re making the most of the web and following advice.

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What not to do on Social Media

There is always a big question mark over whether you should add your work colleagues to your Facebook or even Follow them from your Twitter account. With many people being fired because of silly mistakes the advice is “don’t add anyone from work to your social network”. But I always take it a different way.

Social Media is invented to connect everyone, from work colleagues to old school friends, add people know from all walks of life to enhance your social media experience, but remember the following advice.

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When and Why: Changing Websites

Something that comes up when I am working with people is the question of When and Why to change your website. How do you know it is “ready” to be changed and how to do you go about changing it? Is it when you are bored of how it looks, what about if the year changes or maybe even the wind?
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Why Cover is my new Lock Screen

I’m a big fan of reading Phandroid and I happened to notice that there was a brand new app for a lock screen entering public beta. So being one to like my phone to be original and not of “stock” variety and naturally I had to try this because, well who wants a normal lock screen?

Although the app is kind of creepy in the way that it sort of follows you around to change the application sets and the background, it’s such a really good looking application and so handy for what I do.

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Twitter for Businesses

Twitter is an extraordinary tool for promoting your organisation, quickly and effectively across the web. Whether it be a deal or an alert for customers – it’s up to you. But how do you use it effectively as an organisation?

You’ll find a load of people in the world on social media now and a lot of those people think, “yes I could do this for a business” but they really, really can’t. Most people seem to forget they are tweeting as someone other than themselves and let their personal views sometimes get in the way. Or sadly, poor grammar.

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Thread. Styling the Internet

I’ve been trying out a new social network, or at least I think it’s a social network. It’s called Thread and it is most certainly a new kind of network that you can join. There are no tweets, no status updates and there are no pins of things you like.

What Thread does is completely and utterly new.

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Upgrading to Universal Analytics

Google Analytics are rolling out their new and improved Universal Analytics, you shouldn’t wait to update either. I updated the Analytics on this website and it took almost 48 hours, if not on the dot of 48 exactly.

You have to wait and looking at the updates with the new Analytics it’s worth it. Universal Analytics (UA), will be the new standard from Google to measure site data and will bring with it a lot of good features for you.

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