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Google and Mobile Friendly URLS

Google, the largest search engine in the world has now started marking pages on their search engine as “mobile friendly” and now the panic has started to set in for you. What happens to my website if I’m not mobile friendly and what do I do to become mobile friendly?
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The right CMS for your Business

Choosing the right CMS for your business is one of the biggest parts of starting online, when you choose it’s likely you’ll have that CMS for a majority of the websites life.

So how do you choose the right CMS for your business?

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Creating a mobile app

Everyone loves an app, smartphones come with a handful of them and there are billions to download online, so it seems the smartest thing to create an app for your business – right?

Maybe, I mean sometimes it might be a good idea – sometimes it isn’t. So how do you know you need an app?
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The holidays you miss out on without eCommerce

Some of the biggest holidays are coming up in this end of the year, from Halloween to Christmas and the major days in between them.

So without an eCommerce solution on your website, what exactly are you missing?
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.anything – Buying a domain

Buying a domain is easy but confusing and with the new Global Top Level Domain Names (gTLDs) coming through it’s going to get even worse, so when registering your new domain should you really worry about the new domain names and what should you be buying to help your business?

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How many social networks are too many?

There are loads of social networks now, everything from getting music heard to just quickly chatting to friends and customers in 140 characters.

But how do you know when you have too many social networks?

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Websites are living, breathing things, well sort of.

A website is used by everyone, everywhere. It has become a main artery in the world of connection and marketing messages. A website now features on everything, from business cards to billboards and buses.

But some people still don’t realise that a website is a living thing, like a tree it is constantly growing. However it is reliant on a life support system of developers, designers and copywriters.
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eCommerce for Small Businesses

Running an online shop or “eCommerce” is hard work, many people think it’s just a case of setting up a store and letting the products sit there – but it means a lot more than that.

I wanted to take a moment to start looking at eCommerce and the solutions small businesses and freelancers can use to help boost their online sales, from CMS platforms to checkout systems!

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Using video as a new dimension

This is a social network that hasn’t been spoken about much which is a shame because there is so much that can be done with it, it’s already made celebrities from people and even those that don’t reach the overall lime-light still make enough money to live just from it.

I am of course talking about the original video website, YouTube.

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Bootstrap: Looking at Frameworks for Small Businesses

Over the past week or so if you’re a returning visitor to Skua Media you’ll have notice some very strange things happening. That’s because we’ve been implementing a new way of building our websites.

For the past year we’ve been experimenting with the use of a Framework
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Do’s and Don’ts of a Twitter Q&A

The Twitter Q&A astonishingly still a stumbling block for people, you’d think that small businesses would be the ones struggling but no – big businesses are finding it harder to create a Q&A.

So how do you pull off a good Twitter Q&A and what makes one go wrong? Let’s have a quick look at the Do’s and Don’ts.

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